We had a difficult situation with our son and his learning disabilities.  Patrick approached him with a firm hand, but with a sense of humor when needed.  Patrick is very committed to his work and the outcome of his work.  He is a rare person in the field of special education.  He goes the extra mile to help your child and to hold them accountable for their work.  

–Tami Bollay (parent of a high school student)

After years of being a good math student, our son found himself frustrated at always being a step behind taking geometry in 8th grade.  Mr. Bunnemeyer was able to help with study habits, test-taking skills, and a different approach to the content that helped our son make it through a tough class.  

–Michelle H., Crane 8th Grade student parent, 2011

Patrick not only worked with my son on curriculum content, but helped him learn how to discern what teachers were emphasizing, and how best to use teachers as resources.  Patrick also informed me of a specialized academy in a local public school, which matched my son’s interests and abilities.  As a result, my son is well prepared to pursue a career for which he is quite passionate. 

–L. Marshall

Patrick has been a valued colleague for many years. I know him to be a reliable, honest, talented and professional educational therapist.  He is sincerely committed to the welfare of his clients.  Patrick has a rich history (and comprehensive education) in the field of special education that provides him with professional skills that benefit students with special educational needs.

–Patricia M. McBratney, M.A., BCET-r

Patrick came highly recommended by our son’s school, and we rapidly learned why.  Our son, who suffers from both OCD and ADD, made rapid progress with the learning strategies Patrick taught.  And so did we—we learned how not to get caught in a power struggle, how to rephrase language so that we are communicating in a way that is sensitive to our son, and to recognize how laughter can relax him and put him at ease.  All this, and Patrick’s detailed observations, analysis, and suggestions have earned our great respect and gratitude for him as a person and wonderful teacher.

— W.G. & S.G – parents of a middle school-aged student.